Perfectly Imperfect

The clap board shed that started my fascination with beauty in imperfection

The clap board shed that started my fascination with beauty in imperfection

Clap board shed on a roadside in the Bay of Fundy

Clap board shed on a roadside in the Bay of Fundy

Do you know those moments when something or someone stops you in your tracks? I’ve been lucky enough to have a few in my life. One of them happened about a decade ago on a semi annual father daughter hiking trip in the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia.

I told my father to pull over, pull OVER I said. I saw something so beautiful and irresistible that I had to get out and photograph it. It wasn’t flowers or a pretty ocean view. As we drove along a picturesque coastal road what I saw was this dilapidated little white clapboard shed and was instantly smitten. The paint was peeling and the the structure slightly sagging into the thick green grass. Not exactly what you might call typically beautiful but I certainly thought so.

The photograph I took that day was part of a period of creative reawakening - a several year process that has grown into a total preoccupation. In this process I have discovered and explored: Wabi Sabi, Kintsugi, urban decay, entropy, beauty in the everyday and often overlooked, order and chaos, and ultimately, all of which could be lumped most simply under the umbrella of imperfection. Perhaps this preoccupation comes from the fact that most of my life I have struggled with perfectionism (yes I know, poor me). There are worse things in this world for sure but none-the-less, these are some of the things I struggle with.

And so here I find myself today, a perfectionist obsessed with the beauty of imperfection and her own coming to terms with flaws and failures.

This journal is about exploring this idea further beginning with the origin story for my cushion collection and art work and spinning out from there to explore the many layers, folds and textures of this broad and complicated topic.

Hopefully you will find it insightful and uplifting. This is meant to be a celebration of imperfection and an opportunity for us all to acknowledge that no one’s life really looks like their instagram feed or favourite lifestyle blog. (there is a reason it’s called life/style - because it’s styled people)

What I hope for myself and others is to awaken the mind and soul to the beauty of the worn, weathered, frayed and decayed, lop sided, fleshy, freckled, marked, chipped, cracked, stained, ripped, glued, peeling, patched, overgrown, messy, a-symetrical and broken.

Because I believe in the impartial words of the great Leonard Cohen... 

there is a crack in everything,
that’s how the light get’s in”

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