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About Lori


Lori Harrison Design is a Toronto based studio offering print design, textiles, art and creative services.  Lori's work is deeply rooted in a mindful practice of seeking beauty in the everyday and unexpected to create unique, thoughtful and exquisitely crafted work.

Mindfully experiencing the world around her, whether at home or abroad is the beginning of each of design. If we shift our perspective, literally and figuratively, Lori believes that something that we would otherwise overlook or think insignificant can emerge with a powerful narrative, texture and tone — with great beauty. For Lori, it is observing things worn and weathered, decayed and frayed that most often leads to inspiration for the patterns and imagery that are integral to all of her work. Each piece tells a story.

Lori leads a small team of dedicated crafts people in Toronto, using quality natural materials, locally sourced whenever possible and responsibly made. Every piece is hand made with care, passion and a belief that our homes and our lives should be filled with beautiful, meaningful things.