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7 Wares & Meaning

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Wares & Meaning is an exhibition that explores the ideas of essentialism and mindfulness through a collection of objects for the home. The contents of our homes speak to our values, aspirations, and history. Reflecting on this idea, should we not be more selective and thoughtful about what we surround ourselves with and why?

The notion of essentialism is not to reduce our lives to mere “essentials” but to ask or be mindful of what it is we truly value. It encourages us to look critically at an object, not only for its function but also for its beauty, integrity and meaning. These qualities are explored through a curated scope of materials, including: copper, winterstone, and linen.
Of course, what is essential to one person will be different from another. The approach to this collection of home wares was to meditate on what makes a home personal, inviting and comforting. A shelf to display what we value most. A candleholder to keep the darkness at bay and a throw blanket to keep warm while reading a good book. Or a planter to contain a piece of nature, reminding us of our roots.


7 Wares & Meaning is part of the Toronto Design Offsite Festival. The exhibition runs January 17-22, 2017. Opening reception Thursday, January 19 7-9pm.

The exhibition location is in the lovely home decor store, Cambie located at 1048 Queen St W

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